The Inspiration

In all honesty, we got into this because of a whole bunch of others we’ve discovered who are documenting their journeys. Back in 2017, an old friend of Dwayne’s was discussing his project sailboat and weekend classes on Facebook. This prompted a whole discussion about how we’d love to learn to sail someday and we dove into our favorite DIY resource: YouTube. Once there, we found dozens of families who are traveling the world, working as they go, and truly enjoying life.

These are some of the best one’s we’ve found and continue to follow regularly:

SV DelosWebsiteThese guys are one of the two "big" sailing channel on YouTube. Two brothers set sail to get away from the rat race. Seven years later, they've found many friends, new loves, and whole new outlook on life.
La VagabondWebsiteThe other "big" sailing channel on YouTube, two Aussies set out to see the world after working hard and saving every penny for many years. There down-to-earth personalities and excellent video editing make them a "must see" with each weekly release.
Sail AwayWebsiteLoren, Eric, 4-year-old Rivers Danger, and trusty boat dog Zeke, are the globe-trotting crew of SV Cecilia. Their channel takes viewers along, as they search for the perfect boat, go through the tedious buying process, make countless upgrades and additions to fit her out for world cruising WHILE living aboard, then journey through the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and beyond.
Gone with the WynnsWebsiteAt 28 years old they made the decision to make a major change in their lives because they were craving an adventure and felt their cats needed to see more than just Texas. They spent 6 years living in an RV all over North America and took off several years ago on a sailboat to see the world!
MJ SailingWebsiteAfter 10 years of marriage, this Michigan couple (who had zero experience with sailing) took it as their life's mission to see the world.
RAN SailingWebsiteThis Swedish couple decided to downshift their lives and get more time to live life as they wanted. Since they already had a sailboat and both love adventures, the choice on what to do was easy.
Sailing Nandji WebsiteThis young Aussie couple, along with their Whippet named Marley, are making their way around the Pacific showing us the local cultures as well as stunning views.
Sailing Project AtticusWebsiteTwo hard-working people who share a goal of sailing around the world on a budget. They live on Atticus, a 1963 Allied Seawind 30, which they bought for $5,000 and spent 3 years refitting.
Free Range SailingWebsiteTroy and Pascale, a couple of Australians exploring our beautiful country in a 30-foot sailboat called Mirrool. They have a passion for self-sufficiency and adventure and want to share our live-aboard and remote travel experiences with you.
Sailing Uma WebsiteDan and Kika are sailing the World. One country at a time. One project at a time. Creating videos of their journey, adventures, life on board, and lessons learned along the way aboard their all electric sailboat.
Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose WebsiteAn Aussie girl and a British guy who met in India and for some reason have become completely obsessed with the idea of sailing the world.
Beau and BrandyWebsiteBeau and Brandy and their salty dog Oona documenting their travels. They bought Saoirse, fixed her up, and moved aboard.
Tula's Endless Summer WebsiteA young couple from Florida, with their trusty dog Jetty, have been cruising up and down the East Coast of the US for years on a shoestring budget. Now, they've set sail for the Bahamas!
Sailing NahoaWebsiteBen and Ashley and their new baby are living the dream. They've visited over 25 countries and are only about halfway around on their first circumnavigation.