The Boat

About that …

We bought a boat! Yep – we finally broke down and did it! We wrote a couple of blog entries about it here and even posted a short video.

We bought our “new to us” sailboat on Ebay, sight unseen in late summer 2019 for $3000. We were hoping that was a steal!  She is a 1974 Chance 32/28  built by Paceship in Nova Scotia. Designed by Britton Chance, just 40 of these sailboats were commissioned between 1972 and 1974. The body is more canoe style with the stern being more narrow than the typical wide sterns of today.

Our boat, named Imprimis, was located in Fairfield, CT, quite a distance from our home in the Florida panhandle. After purchasing the boat, Dwayne was able to see her in person and get some video and pictures. I (Heather) was not able to see the boat in person until early spring 2020.

Imprimis overall is in great shape. The previous owner used her as a racing boat and really took care of the interior. However, there are quite a few things we will end up fixing or replacing due to the overall age of the boat. Here are a few samples of things we’ve identified that need to be taken care of:

Below the Waterline / On the Hard projects

These are all projects we need to accomplish while Imprimis is on the hard.
Find and test all thru hulls and map out plumbing Remove holding tank and toilet and hoses – remove thru hull for toilet/macerator.
Remove macerator Install composting toilet
Sand / grind bottom Repair bottom where necessary
Barrier coat / primer / anti-fouling Inspect all mast hardware – lubricate all pulleys
Remove / replace all running rigging Replace anchor light / running light with LEDs
Relocate all mast topping hardware Sand boom
Empty all inside lockers, clean/dry/bilge paint Remove all flooring panels – inspect under – epoxy all panels
Reconfigure battery setup (colocate / rewire)Remove engine
Clean organize engine room Paint engine room
Inspect / repair shaft if necessary Inspect and lubricate rudder and steering assembly
Remove prop Replace prop zinc
Replace prop Replace engine with BetaMarine diesel

Above Waterline Projects

These are projects that can be taken care of once Imprimis is back in the water.
Remove all deck hardwareRemove toe rails
Sand entire deck Paint deck
Gel coat deck Apply Kiwi Grip on deck
Fix locker doors (cutout for wheel, replace lock hasps) Sand / varnish exterior teak
Reconfigure dinette area Fix nav station door
Seal mast boot Inspect / fix stove – configure propane for use!
Install Stanchions & lifelines Install lifeline netting
Interior laminate replace / repair Hatches – seals, clean, replace glass
Portholes , remove, replace seals, replace glass Bimini cover
Make and install new Main sail cover Make and install winch covers
Service all winchesInstall LED strip lights
Install fans Install USB ports throughout
Remove Electrical panel and remove all wire nuts Install / repair cigarette lighter ports

Along with the boat, the previous owner also gave us a total of 7 sails and with a ton of extra supplies and equipment. We haven’t been able to inspect all 7 sails, but we know for sure that at least 2 of them have been barely used.

Currently, we have the original Atomic 4 gas engine in our boat. Once we get her to Florida, we plan on removing the Atomic 4 and replacing it with a BetaMarine diesel engine. If anyone is looking for an original Atomic 4 engine, contact us here!